Res­tau­rant Hopea­nie­mi for par­ties & events for com­pa­nies & fami­lies. From Res­tau­rant Hopea­nie­mi you can also get compre­hen­si­ve cate­ring ser­vices for wed­dings, cor­po­ra­te events, gra­dua­tions and other par­ties.

Tel. +358 401 773 468


7:30–9:30 am dai­ly 

Example of a break­fast buf­fet menu:

Fresh juice, cof­fee and tea
Bread rolls and crois­sants
Cereal, mues­li, mar­ma­la­de and jam
Natu­ral yog­hurt
Toma­toes, fresh cucum­ber and let­tuce
Melon and oran­ges
Cold cuts and chee­se
oven-baked chee­se ome­let­te, bacon and small sausa­ges

star­ting at 8€ /person


To order for com­pa­nies & events
Plea­se con­tact:

Star­ting at 16 € per per­son

Example of a din­ner buf­fet menu:

Roast beet root, ruco­la and goat chee­se
Forest mush­room salad and crou­tons
bright avoca­do coles­law
Green salad, melon and cit­rus vinaigret­te
Mari­na­ted cau­liflower
Bread and spread
Smo­ked sal­mon and shrimp pas­ta
Slow coo­ked pork kass­ler and mus­tard sauce
Roast pota­toes and root vege­tables
Mascar­po­ne and vanil­la mous­se and apple-cin­na­mon com­po­te
Cof­fee and tea

We take into account special diets when orde­red in advance.




We can design cus­tom menus for a con­fe­rence accor­ding to your wis­hes.

Ask for more:

Con­fe­rence lunch example 

Star­ting at 18 € per per­son

Pickled mush­rooms and vege­tables
Basil mari­na­ted mozza­rel­la and cher­ry toma­toes
Green salad, zucc­hi­ni and bal­sa­mic vinaigret­te
Roast papri­ka mix and pine seeds
Cit­rus-sea­so­ned oli­ves and artic­ho­kes
Over-night coo­ked beef chuck roll, pep­per­mint sauce, baked pota­toes, onions and thy­me
Brea­ded cod and lemon grass tar­tar
Pan­nacot­ta and cher­ry com­po­te


Compre­hen­si­ve cate­ring ser­vices for wed­dings, cor­po­ra­te events, gra­dua­tions and other par­ties.

Ask for more:


Car­rot and gin­ger shot
Broi­led whi­te­fish, artic­ho­ke cake and dill oil
Sesa­me-mari­na­ted giant shrimp tails and aspa­ra­gus salad
Blac­ke­ned sal­mon, corian­der cream and herb salad
Honey-roas­ted but­ter­nut squash and ruco­la shoots
Green shoots salad, Rus­ka chee­se and rasp­ber­ry vinaigret­te
Thy­me-juiced calf roast and red onion and nuts com­po­te
Porci­ni qouic­he
Over-night coo­ked calf, dark port wine sauce and sea­so­ned pota­to ter­ri­ne
Lime pos­set with a hand made marsh­mal­low
Rhu­bard and milk choco­la­te cake

(Check out the cus­tom menus, which are also well sui­ted for cate­ring.)