Lakeside Sauna

Going to the sau­na is an impor­tant part of Fin­nish cul­tu­re. Our specia­li­ty is lake­si­de smo­ke sau­na that fits 25 people. We also offer the joy of a tra­di­tio­nal sau­na at the first floor of our hotel.

You can rent the lake­si­de sau­na for a group. Reser­va­tions at

Sauna section

At the first floor of the hotel you can swim and go into a sau­na. Price is 10 € per adult and 5 € per children. We also sell 10-time tic­kets and month­ly tic­kets. Ask for more infor­ma­tion at our recep­tion (pho­ne num­ber: +358 400 238 733)


The Hopea­nie­mi Resort offers mas­sa­ge ser­vices for many tas­tes. You can try eit­her the clas­sics or somet­hing comple­te­ly new for you. Ask for more infor­ma­tion at


Salt room

A salt room can make you feel bet­ter in many dif­fe­rent ways. It’s a natu­ral and relaxing treat­ment for res­pi­ra­to­ry and skin con­di­tions such as asth­ma and ato­pic skin. A 40 minu­te visit is 28 €.

Reser­va­tions at +358 400 238 733 or

Playroom for children

On the second floor lob­by of our hotel is a play­room for children, whe­re they can free­ly run around and play.